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  • 网上租房中考英语作文

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    1. 房子位于市区,距机场高速公路仅 1 公里,房子宽敞且设计新颖、美观;

    2. 备有安全系统较高的停车场,附近有医院、餐馆和各种现代化购物中心;

    3. 厨卫设备完善,水电供应系统良好;

    4. 如果想了解更详细的`情况,请查阅他们的网址“ http:// www. engessay.com”。

    注意:要求要点齐全小学作文,但不能逐字逐句翻译,词数 120 左右。

    June 6th, 2004

    Dear Robert,

    I’m very glad to hear that you are coming to Beidaihe to spend your summer vacation with your family. I’ve just read several ads for house rent from Internet, which might interest you, I think.

    One of the flats lying in the city seems to be suitable. On the one hand, it is only one kilometer from the flat to the freeway to the airport, and meanwhile, there is a safely-guarded large parking area. And there is a hospital and a modern shopping center as well nearby. On the other hand, well designed, the flat looks fine and there is enough room for you five. Besides, the kitchen and the bathroom are well furnished. Water and electricity are provided for 24 hours. If you need further information, you may look up the “http://www. bdhfz. com. cn”。

    Best wishes!

    the and
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